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What is this “Live Art” thing?

Live Art is simply any art created live during a public event where the entire process is laid out for the public to watch. It can be on a stage with live music or in the corner of a room where it won’t be in the way. It can start and stop with the music and be done in an hour if need be, or it can develop over a multi-day event. It can adapt easily to just about any situation it needs to, and it is a pile of fun. It engages the art lovers in any audience who love to see another artist’s process.

What’s the point?

The purpose of incorporating a live art element into an event is primarily entertainment.  It’s fun to watch an artist at work. It adds a layer of excitement to an event as folks can check back in from time to time to see the progress as they anticipate the finished piece. It engages folks at any level, for some just a quick glance is all they need or want, but others will hang on every brush stroke and find themselves captivated, while still others will take advantage of the artist’s presence to ask all sorts of questions about mediums and processes.  It’s all good fun.

Is the art always skeletons and waves?

No.  It can go wherever it needs to.  For a midwife’s fundraiser I went with an abstract circle theme.  Abstract pieces are especially fun with live instrumental music.  For a recent film festival, I just painted the venue on site, no skeletons at all.  But if I’m left to my own ways, who knows what may turn out, so a little direction is good and welcome if you’re concerned about such things.  I just like to paint.

What do you do with the art afterwards?

The beautiful thing about live art for me, besides just how much fun it is to do, is that there is generally always someone at every event that falls in love with the piece as they watch it being made before their eyes. This is especially handy for fundraisers, or for gas money, but especially for fund-raisers… A clip board is all it takes to collect bids throughout an event and someone is always stoked.


It’s way more engaging, focused, and fun with live music, but that’s not always possible so it’s not required. I can adapt my process for any length of musical set, or work before and after the music. There is a certain synergistic effect that happens when the art is allowed to coincide and become part of the musical performance. I can work with any band but prefer it loud with beer. Or if you’re in Humboldt County, or have a small budget to pay a band, I prefer to work with Likwefi, they are rad, and you’ll like them too.

OK, what do you need to do this at our event?

Not much is needed at all. I bring my own easel(s), paint tables, drop cloths… even my own lighting so whether it’s on a stage with changing lights, or a dim corner of a room, I can illuminate my space as needed without drowning out the desired event atmosphere. Space-wise I need about a 5′ by 5′ space. Dollar-wise, the rates vary depending on the type of event, duration, location, etc… Let’s just talk.

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